I am Jenny Custard and i love to write. I really want to make my own childrens stories

Best blog builders for writers?

OK. I've looked into a lot of website builders lately, and myself just starting this blog on site123 might be cheeky, but hear me out.

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How to Master Your Muck by Kathi Burns – a Review

Edit your Blog articles from the Pages tab by clicking the edit button.Kathi Burns returns with more advice on a clutter free life! She’s doing good!

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Alternative Blog!

New blog! See http://jennycustard.webador.co.uk/

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I’m finally published!

I’ve made my first kindle. 2020 in poetry: A selection of poems on one of the most turbulant years in history.

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Hi. Jenny here. This is my first real time blogging.

I am a mother of two with an Autistic husband and i love to write. Been reading a lot of Jaqueline Wilson and really feel driven to make my own stories. I am hoping to complete my first work and publish it to kindle in time! Your reviews and critisism , good and bad, would be appreciated. 

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